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5 brilliantly re-imagined classic book covers

5 brilliantly re-imagined classic book covers


Recently I was fetching book cover images online to add some items to my “Book recommendations” list on this blog. In the process, I came across with beautiful and very well crafted illustrations that caught my eye. I was immediately drawn to them and I wanted to use them on my blog when I realized they weren’t published art covers, but the work of passionate illustrators/designers, uploaded on Behance. At the moment I settled for less attractive pieces, but those images lingered in my mind. I then decided I wanted to create a post and feature them.

I personally truly admire illustrators, being myself an amateur artist. Although I paint in my spare time and dug into some disciplines like lettering in the past, I never pursued a deeper understanding of such great field, since I was early devoted to web design. Like in any other field, mastering the skills necessary to produce quality illustrations takes time and hard work, and I wanted to celebrate such talented pieces.

After a bit of a search, I chose this five alternative book covers/prints for classical books. Cheers to their creators!

The old man and the sea

By Yeji Yun

The great Gatsby

By Isadora Zeferino

Sherlock Holmes

By Hwan Uk Choe

Alice in Wonderland

By Carol Demick

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

By Roberto Lanznaster



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